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5 Story Hacks to Make you Stand Out

1. Creating a highlight box

Creating a highlight box in your brand color is a great way to make a photo more on brand, and make something in that story pop out! It's great for products, people, titles and headlines. Check out these examples below and the full video tutorial here!

  • Step 1 Go to create a story and choose the photo you want.

  • Step 2 click to type and choose the first font and do 6 dashes. Repeat this step 3 more times

  • Step 3 Adjust the size of each line to create your box

  • Step 4 choose to draw and pick your color. Select the highlighter pen and then hold it down on your screen until it highlights the entire story

  • Step 5 Choose the eraser and erase out your box. Add your finishing touches and boom a simple highlight box! 👇🏼

2. Copy & Pasting in a Custom Background

Want to really grab your audience's attention? The perfect way to do that is by making your background stand out. We all know that Instagram's background options are very limited, so this is not the first hack you’ll see in this post about spicing up your background! Full video tutorial coming soon!

  • Step 1 go to the post you want on Instagram and take a screenshot.

  • Step 2 switch to your camera roll and crop the pic until it's just the post

  • Step 3 switch back to Instagram and select the option to share the post you just took a screen shot of to your story. Once you have that process started, switch back to your camera roll.

  • Step 4 select the background you want and click the share button. Once the sharing options pop up select copy.

  • Step 5 switch back again to Instagram and the image will pop up in the bottom left corner of the screen, tap it!

  • Step 6 cover the entire story with this added background and then switch back to your camera roll 🤭😬

  • Step 7 copy the screen shot you edited earlier and repeat the process by pasting it into your story and add your finishing touches.

  • Step 8 now, when people tap your story, it will still pop up the link to go to the post!

3. Polling sideways for follower insights

This very simple, yet effective audience engagement hack is an interactive way to gain insights and build your online relationships. It is also a helpful way to gain insights on what content your audience wants to see and a nice way to increase engagement with them! Full video tutorial coming soon!

  • Step 1 Once you’ve started a story and are ready to add a poll, do it! Choose the up arrow or finger as the slider

  • Step 2 in the question space add emojis that will help answer the question presented in your story, mine were numbers. It also might be fruits, foods, drinks, colors, animals, etc.

  • Step 3 space them out along the length of the poll and add your actual question with text

  • Step 4 Add your final touches and start getting your followers' opinions!

4. Adding Custom Stickers!

Creating your own custom stickers is the perfect way to use your font, colors, and design style of your brand in your Instagram stories. Not only that, but I would sometimes rather create the sticker I am envisioning than search for the perfect one from Instagram's options. It’s also a great way to slowly start improving your canva skills, which in my opinion is a must for small businesses, social media management, and content creation. Full video tutorial coming soon!

  • Step 1 download Canva and create an account, if needed. Start a new design using the instagram story option. This is a guideline to know how your design will fit & look. Psst! You can do this right from your phone!

  • Step 2 create the text, or design you want for your story.

  • Step 3 Once you're done, download a PNG without a background. Select the option in Canva “transparent background”

  • Step 4 Once it downloads a page will pop up on your phone and you’ll see a copy option, hit that

  • Step 5 Switch back to Instagram and in the bottom left corner the copied sticker will appear, tap it to bring it into your story

  • Step 6 It will pop up into your story and you can move and adjust the size as needed!

5. Adding Filters to change the background color

You’ll be surprised with how dramatic this simple hack can change your story's background. Like I said before, sometimes you just don’t vibe with any of Instagram's background options! Here is another way to change it up and make a background that works for you. Full video tutorial here!

  • Step 1 share something to your story and choose one of the preset color combinations on your story's background. Pick what is closest to what you're looking for, to start!

  • Step 2 start swiping through filters to see which one changes the background to your liking.

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