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Restaurant Marketing Tips & Tricks 2022!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Are you a restaurant owner? Or maybe a manager in charge of the restaurant's social medias? 🤨 It can be a lot, I know. Let’s make a little bit of what’s on your plate simpler, more organized, and efficient because your time is so valuable. We need to make the most out of it!

Know your audience

When it comes to marketing your restaurant on social media there are a few things you can do to really enhance your audience's experience online, which can lead to a great experience in person. Here are a few tips to increase engagement and reach on social media!


  1. Let people in behind the scenes. 😱

  2. Don't be Shy 🙈

  3. Utilize Facebook groups to create trust and loyalty in your community.

  4. Follow a few simple photography guidelines!

Let people in BTS

  • Get comfortable out of your comfort zone

  • Showcase your mixologist's recipes

  • Let the customer see how its done

Your kitchen isn't a forbidden place that people should be left questioning the mystery of where their food comes from. You should be proud of it, just ask Chef Ramsey 😉 Getting comfortable with a camera or phone in your kitchen can really capture awesome moments of your cooks & chefs preparing food. Check out this video we got Facebook/Tacojaliscogh or Facebook/LosRanchos we really had to get up in their business to get this video, but it was worth it. This goes for your bar tenders too, check out this reel, ask them to slow down for a few things and get some action shots of them crafting your popular drinks. Plus, people love to see your process for making their favorite meal!

Don't be shy 🙈

Ask your employees if you can feature them on your page and share a bit about them. Your followers will go nuts for these types of photos. Your staff makes real connections with your guests and represent your brand and company more than anyone else, so your audience online we appreciate seeing them on your page and engage a ton.

Take a look at some businesses we have done this for and those posts stats!

Ask regulars who come in if they would mind being in a few photos for your page, most people say yes! You should be community oriented, but having opportunities to share about it on your page creates some good buzz around you! (BTW none of these were sponsored, it was organic reach. 😄 I am not sure why Facebooks Business Suite mobile is saying that on all posts 🙄 Let me know in the comments if you know why!)

Utilize Facebook groups to create trust and loyalty in your community.

As a restaurant and small business owner you should get involved in...

  • Fundraisers✔️

  • Events✔️

  • Conversations ✔️

And you can do all of this through joining and engaging in the right groups in your community. You can make some fun connections through Facebook groups too. Treat people like people and try to connect with them. Answer questions you know about stuff in the community, ask questions to the community to better serve them, share information and get information. The benefits are really endless here. The best part though is that you get more direct reach towards specific audiences because sometimes people just scroll through their group's pages and not through their newsfeed, so if you aren't getting involved in the groups, they may not see your online presence.

Follow a few simple photography guidelines! 📸

There are three main angles that work great for food photography; Flatlay, straight on and 45degree. Don’t be afraid to invest in a few props too like fake ice (check out this one!) or a simple backdrop display for single menu items or drinks. This all can really enhance your Instagram feed, stories and reels. Plus, it's just a few simple ways to do so!

45 Degree Flat Lay Straight On

45 Degree Flat Lay Straight On

Now you have some tips and tricks for your restaurant's social pages! Go take control and start posting some bada** content! 🤓

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