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We help companies grow through a variety of digital platforms with social media marketing. We create strategies and customized content based on your business' industry and ideal customer.

Our Mission

Inspirational content creation customized to guide business through social media and target their desired audience. 



Hannah Rodenberger




Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & COO

Over the last few years, I have discovered my passion and love for social media marketing. It is the perfect blend of creativity and business strategy. With a BBA in Marketing from Grand Valley State University and a pocket full of experience, I decided to chase my dreams and do what I am passionate about. 


I am able to use my strongest skills like communications, creative problem solving, and customer relationship building to help companies embrace the new normal through content creation and marketing analytics. I love to utilize technology and communications collaboratively in the most efficient and effective ways to meet all varieties of my client's needs. Your company is an extension of mine.  

With years of operations and customer service experience, I've learned that businesses not only need a good product, good service, or a good location...


Digital presence is the key component to having a successful business. I truly believe any company greatly benefits from connecting with their customer online. Learning this made me fall in love with social media management and marketing. 

I can thrive in an environment that is fun and creative and needs an efficient & effective operation. Helping Michigan businesses thrive in social media is my goal. No business left behind! 

GVSU Alumni
Accredited by the BBB


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