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21 Content Ideas for Social Media 2022

Talk about your specials

What kind of specials do you have? Happy hour? LTO’s? Late Night? No matter what it is, I am sure it’s a great way to get people in the door! But, the thing is if you don’t talk about it, people won't know it exists! This is one of the biggest stressors I can put on you, as a manager or owner of a business. Is to talk about your specials.

Here are some content ideas, without being overtly selly.

  1. Video/reel of bartender crafting a happy hour drink or LTO drink

  2. Video/reel listing your weekly/daily specials

  3. A photo that contains all your happy hour drinks or LTO drinks and list of a brief description of each one

  4. A flatly shot of a food special

  5. Repost of a customer who shared a special or LTO

Food Styling & Behind the Scenes

Some of my favorite content is food styling and BTS. It is a great way to let your audience connect deeper with your brand and your product. I’ve talked to you before about letting people in BTS and why it is valuable for you to do so, but we haven't really talked about what that content looks like! (here's the blog in case you missed it!)

  1. Photo of your chef adding the final touches to a plater; sauce, toppings, garnishes, etc!

  2. Food on the grill or being cooked

  3. Chef preparing sauces, veggies, meats, etc.

  4. Plating the food

Show Off your bar and cocktails

Raise your hand if most of your restaurant's sales come from your bar? You’re not alone, it’s extremely common for that to be the case, so let's talk about it more on social media! Get your bartenders on board with presenting the drinks for videos and photos.

  1. Server or bartender presenting a drink

  2. Go portrait mode with the drinks on your iPhone and give the recipe

  3. Videos/reels of the bartender making drinks and what the final product is

  4. Takeout drinks! The new big hype since the pandemic

What are your employees up to?

Your employees make the most connections with your customers and represent your business the most! Showing them hard at work, or letting them pose for the camera is a great way to get your audience to engage online.

  1. Carrying the food to a table

  2. Taking an order

  3. Employee spotlight

  4. Short video of an employee waving and saying something to your audience: “Welcome to XX!”

What else do you have to offer?

What else do you offer besides just dining in? Do you have catering, delivery services, online ordering, pre-orders? All of these are greats things to bring awareness to on your social media!

  1. If you have a drive-thru a great post idea is in front of the car with the food being handed through the window

  2. Take a flat lay photo of a catering order all staged at the event/place

  3. Show the process of managing a large catering order

  4. Redirect people to delivery service websites like DoorDash, Grubhub, and UberEATS

For more social media marketing ideas, tips, & tricks follow us on Instagram, @neueram!

Want to plan your content like a pro?

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