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3 Main Focuses When Planning Content for your Restaurant

Content Focuses

Okay, so what exactly are content focuses? 🤨 They are also known as strategy themes, but basically, they are post ideas for social media that can be repeated every few weeks, but executed differently. ⁉️ Let me explain...

If one of your themes is BTS (behind the scenes) and it's on your calendar for 1/10, 1/18, and 1/23, one focus could be your cooks prepping your most popular sauce or topping, another could be a bartender stocking all the bottled drinks, and finally you could show a tray full of food ready to go out the door! Take a peak below 👇🏼

Taking some time to brainstorm 7-10 themes that will represent who you are and what you do can save SO much time with content planning.

How does it save time, you ask?

  1. You know exactly what type of content you’re always on the prowl to capture 🤳🏼

  2. You have a good rotation of ideas to keep your audience entertained 🗓

  3. You have a strategy you can easily follow and implement 👩🏼‍💻

I created some examples for three industrys, Restaurant, Cafe/coffee shop, & Health & Wellness! ✨

Content Item(s)

Your next focus should be, what the image or item is that you are going to focus on for each strategy theme. Remember when I gave you some examples of how you can repeat your themes? Those are your items!

If you’re not sure what to choose for content items, a great place to start is with photos you already have. You’re busy, I know! But, from now on you should try to take some time each week to snap some fresh photos. Plus, now that you have strategy themes, you’ll have them in mind when taking photos and that will only make this process easier!🙏🏼

Another thing to consider with your restaurant is what's new? 🎉 Do you have any LTO’s, specials, or events happening or coming up? You should for sure talk about those! You can also always refer to your menu. Start picking items off each section to post about. I suggest keeping a running list of what you do and don’t have pics of, so when someone orders it you can snap a pic or video📸

Content Goals

Goals, goals, goals! 💯 Probably one of the most important things when it comes to measuring how you’re doing. Without a goal, it can be hard to measure your results and most importantly, what your audience did or did not engage with. It also really helps creatively when you go to create the post and the caption. Let's cover the main three goals for social media!

  • Engagement – Number of people interacting with your posts: comments, likes, shares, post clicks.

  • Conversion – Number of people who clicked into your link to make a purchase, or any other CTA that can lead towards sales: Website, delivery services like Doordash, subscribed to an email list.

  • Awareness - Followers and reach: How many people are your posts reaching, how many followers do you have and how could you bring more awareness to your existence.

We mix and match these goals a lot and have found that typically what does best is engagement focused goals by being educational, entertaining, or inspirational. Specifically, for the Restaurant industry we try to focus on:

  1. Engagement 60% of the time

  2. Conversion 10% of the time &

  3. Awareness 30% of the time.

If I am being honest though, we’ll focus a lot of one goal but it can come out a little mixed. For example, even though my goal is engagement if I include a CTA it can lead towards conversion as well. You don’t have to be too strict on yourself. Choosing a goal just directs the focus of the post, but isn't binding to your creativity for a post and a caption!

Tying it all together!

This can seem like a lot, but once you establish your strategy themes and sit down to organize your ideas, you’ll be able to maintain your platforms way more efficiently. ✅

We can’t deny the fact that having an online presence is essential for 2022, so stop dreading it and let's start planning and posting!🤩

Looking for more tips and tricks for restaurant marketing? Check out this blog too!

Check out our caption and content calendar, so you can plan like a pro! 👇🏼

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